Saturday, February 15, 2020

Underrated Gem #1- Coma of Souls by Kreator

Artist- Kreator
Album- Coma of Souls
Release Date- 1990
Genre- Thrash Metal

I have always had a special place for metal in my heart, and recently my main focus has been thrash metal. I have been lucky to find a lot of good classics in the genre, and one of them was Coma of Souls by Kreator. I had heard of Kreator a bit, and was always curious to check them out, so this was the perfect opportunity. I have to say, I was blown away with the entire album. I think it was up there with anything I've heard from the Big Four, if not better. The riffs were brutal as can be, as was the rest of the instruments. I think my favorite part of the album was the vocals/lyrics. Mille Petrozza has a very aggressive and growly voice. Without reading the lyrics, it would be hard to understand what was being said, but as I read them on the insert, I was blown away by them. They're very dark, but they covered a lot of interesting topics.

Of all of the albums I've listened to recently, this one affected me a lot more than the others. It was one of the heaviest thrash albums I've heard, and it had a lot of substance to it. I liked it so much that a full review would be almost pointless, since I would give it a perfect rating. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone that loves metal. I definitely plan to check out their other albums in the near future, because it was amazing. 

Standout Tracks: 
"People of the Lie", "Terror Zone", and "Mental Slavery". Everything was amazing though.